Why do dogs rub up against furniture?

why dogs rub up against furniture

I catch Cooper rubbing up against furniture in the house from time to time. Luckily he gets bathed and groomed regularly so it’s not a nuisance. However, I did wonder if there may be a reason to take him to the vet. What I found out is that the behavior is normal, however, there can be health concerns. There are many reasons why dogs rub up against furniture.

Skin Irritation

Cooper was a little dirtball when I found him and one of the first things he did upon entering my home was rub up against my couch. My couch was fairly new at the time so the sight of this dirty little dog making his mark on my shiny piece of furniture made me cringe a bit. However, it’s not surprising Cooper’s skin was irritated. He had been on the street for a while so he had a parasite, was covered in fleas and needed to scratch many itches. He was looking to scratch many itches.

Sometimes after grooming your dog may want to rub up against your furniture because his skin is irritated and dry.  They lose some oils during a bath. They are trying to find some comfort after being groomed.

Marking their territory

When a dog rubs against your couch or another piece of furniture in your home, he is marking his territory or taking ownership of that item. He may also simply like the smell and want to pick up that odor.  One can hope that it is a good fragrance your pooch wants to bathe in.

Medical Concerns

If you notice your dog rubbing their face against your furniture, they may be trying to get rid of gunk from their eyes. Your dog could be experiencing allergies. If they start obsessively acting out this behavior they may be trying to tell you they are stressed or have a medical issue. If there is hair loss, it could be mange.

There are innate reasons why your dog rubs themselves against your furniture. However, if you think there may be more to it, don’t hesitate to visit their veterinarian.

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