Ways to workout with your dog

Workout with your dog

Why not incorporate exercise with your favorite pup? There are many ways to workout with your dog. Not only would a workout with your dog be good for you both physically, but it would also bring you closer together. Here are some great options for physical fitness and quality time with your pooch. 


This one is a bit of a given, but if you are unsure of how your pooch would be with other activities, a nice walk or hike is a no-fail option. 


Not all breeds are appropriate for a long run, but if you have a high energy dog, a scenic run is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your fur baby. 


Many dogs can learn this game quickly. All it takes is a soccer ball and kicking it between your feet. Once that ball is in motion you two will have a new game to play. 

Running stairs 

Whether it’s in your home or out and about in your city, you and pooch can get a good workout getting some steps in. 

Charity 5k/run/walk 

This one is always a good idea. Invite your friends and put a leash on fido and raise money for charity. 

Active Fetch 

There is nothing written that you have to stand still while throwing a ball for your dog. While waiting for the ball to be returned do some lunges, pushups or even jog. Your dog shouldn’t be the only one getting a workout. 


If you’ve got skills on skates and a well-trained dog, this is a good idea for you. Always be aware of your surroundings and stay away from lots of traffic. If your dog gets distracted easily, this would not be a good option. 

Doggy Fitness Classes 

Group fitness classes are popping up all over the country specializing in ways where you can work out with your dog. No need to leave your fur child at home if you are working out with a doggy fitness group. 


For dogs who are unable to run due to joint or health issues, swimming is great exercise. If you don’t have a pool or dog beach in your own backyard there are aquatic centers that allow you to swim with your pet. There is much fun to be had in the water, whether you want to just splash around or do laps.  


This is recommended for medium to large dogs and be careful not to push your dog to exhaustion as they will want to please you. A mountain bike and dog leash is a good combination if you feel this is right for you and your dog. 


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