Is Pet Insurance worth it?

Is Pet Insurance Worth It

A topic that comes up often amongst pet owners I’ve noticed is pet insurance. For many years it wasn’t common practice to have a policy for your pet. Now that the word is out, the big question asked in the fur friend community is whether pet insurance is really worth it?

About ten years ago I investigated pet insurance when I adopted a bunny rabbit named Nico. I sent an application in which was accepted, however he wouldn’t be covered for ear infections.  Ear infections are common in lop eared rabbits, which I knew Nico had dealt with when I adopted him. Something similar happened when I applied for coverage with my Netherland Dwarf rabbit Niblet. He had common dental issues well known in his breed and the application was accepted, but his teeth wouldn’t be covered. In both cases, I canceled coverage because it wasn’t worth the investment.

When Cooper came into my life I immediately applied for coverage because I knew nothing about his history and felt like some issues could come up. I wanted a health and wellness plan along with medical. The only pet insurance company I saw that lets you customize your plan is VPI, which is a Nationwide Company. The policy gave me the best coverage for the price point I had in mind. So far I’ve had good experiences with customer service, it’s very easy to submit claims and be reimbursed in a reasonable length of time.

Coope’s policy has paid off in the last year. He had to have all his vaccinations, be neutered, teeth cleaning, treated for anal gland issues, and multiple cases of roundworm.


Over the last twelve months, I’ve submitted $1442 in claims and have been reimbursed for $1088 which is 75% of my total. My monthly premium is about $70 so my investment so far has been $840. Paying my vet knowing I’m going to receive most of the bill back is a good feeling.

If you are one of the lucky ones, your employer may even offer it as part of their benefits package. It’s nice that more companies are recognizing pets as family members. We give them TLC at home, but sometimes they need more specialized care that only a vet can provide. Whether you have a pet policy or not, a FurMom’s love is the most important insurance of all.

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