It is possible to manage pets with a rockstar schedule

It is possible to manage pets with a rockstar schedule

When you find yourself having to manage pets and a rockstar schedule guilt creeps in. As a single working woman with a dog and rabbit, I am always concerned about being away too long. Articles about dog behavior tend to say that if you aren’t home to train your dog, you shouldn’t have a dog. While I understand the viewpoint, I also know that I make their care a priority.  It can be a challenge, but it is possible to manage pets with a rockstar schedule.

I am fortunate to work close to home so I use my lunch hour to walk Cooper. Being home after work is very important in maintaining our routine. If I ever know I am going to have a long day, my parents watch their grandchildren. When I am not in a cubicle, I am a musician so having their help is invaluable.

If you travel a lot, then I wouldn’t recommend having pets unless you share parenting duties. Having animals require a lifestyle adjustment that people often don’t think about. When I made the decision to keep Cooper I knew I couldn’t maintain my schedule and care for him. If I didn’t have my parents support I probably wouldn’t have kept him. I make an effort to limit my time away from home or I bring Cooper with me. If you are questioning whether to rescue an animal or are looking for solutions to managing your pets and schedule, consider the following options.

  • Doggie daycare: If it’s within your budget, this is a great way for your dog to socialize.
  • Hire a dog walker:,, and local websites have dog walkers of all price ranges and experience. Make sure to run a background check.
  • Working from home or close to home: This is a low budget option and ideal for those that have the time.
  • Pet sitter: Whether you know someone within your circle of family and friends or find someone online, this will give you peace of mind.
  • Trade pet sitting with another pet parent: Do you have a friend with the same challenge? Maybe you can work out a schedule so your furbaby won’t be alone while you are gone.

It is possible to be a good pet parent with a rockstar schedule. Sometimes the stars need to align and usually if it’s meant to be, they will. Feel free to share any ideas that have worked for you when life gets a bit crazy.

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