Before giving yourself a guilt trip, ask this


We can find something to feel guilty about every day. For me recently, it was not being active for two days because of being sick. I laid in bed with Cooper beside me and felt horrible for not being able to walk him. When I was away for 40 plus hours a week, I felt guilty that he was alone so much. I had to have a lot of conversations with myself during those times. When I was in the midst of giving myself a guilt trip, I stopped to ask, what have I done right?

Lately, I’ve read about people having too much to do and not feeling like they are getting enough done. These days individuals are shouldering households alone or corporations are giving three jobs to one person. No wonder we are seeing more burnout than usual. My example is minor compared to what folks go through. However, I’ve been there and have since changed my lifestyle.

Are you breathing? Do you have a roof over your head? Is there food on the table? Do your kids (whether they have two legs or four) know you love them and they are cared for?

Instead of allowing myself to spin on the fact I was sick and Cooper wouldn’t get a walk. I had to remind myself that he was huddled against me and seemed happy. He had food, water and at least 1400 square feet of space to roam. I promised he would get some outside time the moment I was feeling better.

Be nicer to yourself

If you think that you are not doing enough or shouldn’t take a day off, rethink that. You are harder on yourself than anyone. Take the time you need to recharge your battery. Burnout is a real thing and you need to take care of yourself. Managing life is a huge challenge.

I once bought underwear because I was too tired to do laundry. It was one of “those” weeks and I didn’t want to worry about laundry until the weekend. It was a much-needed laundry band-aid for that moment.

After feeling guilty over not walking Cooper for 2 days, I tried to walk him and he wouldn’t go. He was full of energy but wanted a ride in the car. It made me laugh at the situation. I figured all he would want to do is go outside, but no, he wanted an adventure in the car. It seems like we make up stories in our heads but in the end are harder on ourselves than anyone else could possibly be. Why not use that energy and put it to better use. We are all doing the best we can. Just don’t forget to treat yo-self! 🙂


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