Quirky Eating Habits of Dogs

eating habits

It’s hard to understand the eating habits of your dog. For a couple of years, I thought my dog simply got tired of his food. While that may be the reason some dogs are finicky, I recently discovered he doesn’t want to be alone when he eats. A friend of mine told me her dog considers it a social occasion. It dawned on me that Cooper probably felt the same way. I knew there had to be more quirky eating habits so I investigated.

Stop Eating

If your dog is the nervous type, maybe they were spooked. Did an alarm or another noise go off at dinnertime? It’s possible they associate eating with whatever scared them. You can try a new dish, a treat in the middle of their food or even moving their bowl to another area.

Another scenario may be to check that their bowl is clean. It could be a smell that is turning them off to their food.

They wander off

Some dogs consider eating a social occasion. They won’t eat unless their person is nearby or they will carry their food into another room so they aren’t alone. They may be distressed. You can set up a confined area for your pooch where there are no distractions. Another option is to take their bowl away after 20 minutes so they know their time is limited.

After two years of picky eating, Cooper and I now eat our meals together and he gobbles his food up.

Eating Objects

I’m sure you’ve had a shoe chewed up or found a pillow torn to shreds after getting home. When I was a teenager, our family dog ate a squeaky toy that looked like a candy bar. It gradually started disappearing. Safe to say we never bought her a squeaky toy like that ever again. She didn’t do things like that very often because she preferred to chew on car bumpers and sleeping bags that were brand new.

You’ll definitely need to consult with a veterinarian if eating issues continue. They may have separation anxiety, be bored or something about their meal is turning them off. If you are unable to figure it out on your own, a dog trainer or veterinarian is your best bet to help come up with the best solution.


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