Actions You Must Take Before Becoming A Dog Owner

dog owner

There are so many circumstances which can make you a dog owner. Whether it’s inheriting a dog, finding a stray or searching high and low for the right one, you need to be prepared. It’s easy to stumble upon an adoption day and fall in love with a dog. However, before you spontaneously adopt, ask yourself if you are ready for the responsibility.

Dog Proofing

Just like a baby proofing, becoming a new dog owner requires the same preparation. Dogs get into the trash so you will need to move the trash cans out of sight or find lids that fasten. Switching to non-toxic, pet-friendly household cleaners and pest control are also extremely important.

Veterinarian Visit

If you are lucky enough to have the history on your dog you will know when their next exam is needed. However, if your pooch was a stray you are starting from scratch. There are vaccinations and various tests that will need to be performed to determine your dog’s health. If he hasn’t been spayed or neutered, it is highly recommended that it be done. Also, make sure to ask your veterinarian about microchipping. You will want to make sure your furbaby can be tracked should the unthinkable happen.

Pet insurance is available and something to consider. There are many types of plans that could help in the long run, especially with emergencies and dental issues.

Pet Supplies

Simply stated, there are so many options in pet supplies these days. When Cooper came into my life, I think I was at a pet store every day that week. Some purchases were made out of necessity, but some were made because the items I bought didn’t work or didn’t fit him. I also live in a two-story home so I ended up buying two of certain supplies.

There are basics like food, dog bowls, dog beds, toys, collar, and leash. Assuming you will need to potty train your pooch, you should pick up training pads and maybe a doggie door. If you plan on crate training your dog, you will need a crate.

Other considerations

When becoming a new dog owner, there are musts, however, there are also things that aren’t always top of mind.

If your dog is going to be home alone while you’re at work, you should hire a dog walker. Your dog will need the exercise, mental stimulation and time to use the bathroom. If you work close to home, you might be able to drop in and check on your furbaby.

Regardless of age, socializing your dog is very important. Without meeting other dogs, they become very aggressive in the presence of another pooch. Once your dog has been socialized, you may be able to find a local doggie daycare. You go to work, your pooch can go play.

You may want to consider taking your dog for training. Not only does it provide mental stimulation but it is also a bonding experience. Group classes and private lessons are available.

Every breed has their own traits. Ideally, you would be able to do some research and adopt a breed that best suits your household.  If you are looking to add a new furry family member there are so many dogs that need homes. Visit your local animal shelter and save multiple lives.


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