The Challenges of Dating as a Singe Dog Mom

finding a mate

One of my friends told me that her Mom was concerned about her still being single. She told her, “you should care as much about dating as you do your dog.” My dog sleeps in my bed and one night I looked over and he was on his back with his head on the pillow. I suddenly realized Cooper was my “man,” which made me laugh. However, it also made me wonder what would his reaction be if someone came along?

When we go on walks Cooper is very social. He has to say hello to every person and dog he sees. I’ve had male friends over, but he hasn’t met anyone I dated. Dogs can sense chemistry and pick up on body language so when the time comes I can only hope he’ll be just as friendly.

My old bunny rabbit Nico was very territorial. It was pretty funny to witness. Anytime my boyfriend leaned into kiss me, Nico would stomp. When my he spent the night, Nico did everything in his power to make noise. At least my guy was easy going about the situation. He said with a chuckle, “I don’t think Nico likes me very much.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was right.

I will find it stressful to introduce Cooper to a potential love interest. It has just been the two of us since I adopted him so anyone that enters the picture will disrupt our routine. All I can do is try to maintain it as much as possible. Hello! My two boys will need to get along. Coop is an 8lb alpha so it will be interesting to watch.

After investigating the subject I learned prior to meeting your date, let your dog smell a shirt or an item of theirs as an introduction. When you’re ready for them to meet, it’s a good idea to naturally incorporate the new person into your dog’s life. Introduce them at a dog park or when you guys go on a walk. Of course, treats will play a big part of the meeting. The most important thing is for your furbaby to associate your new partner with pleasurable activities.

It’s so hard finding someone to date. It’s too bad your dog won’t understand you saying, “please like this one, it took me 20 years to find him.” If for some reason the introduction does not go well, calling a veterinarian or dog trainer will be necessary. One hopes everything will come up rosy.





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