City living with a dog

Living with your dog in the city

I was concerned about condo living when I first adopted Cooper. I have no backyard and thought he needed space to run around every day. We have a walking schedule and he has plenty of room to roam, but it will always be a concern of mine. I thought if dogs can live in high rise buildings in cities like New York and San Francisco, my condo is definitely suitable. It made me decide to research city living with a dog and here is what I found out.

Points to consider

If you are a renter the likelihood there will be fees is pretty high. You will have to pay a pet deposit and/or a monthly pet rent. Since I am a homeowner those fees were not part of my decision in adopting Cooper, however, if you are renting, that is something you’ll need to consider.

Regardless of size, dogs need to be walked several times a day. If you are gone for a majority of the day, you’ll need to find a reliable dog walker or make plans to walk the pup yourself. When hiring a dog walker, make sure you do a background check. and can help with your search.

City living with your pets
City boys Cooper and Niblet

While Cooper and I were getting acquainted he would wake me up at 3 am to let me know he had to use the bathroom. When you have to get up early being woken up in the middle of the night is tough. There are many options for potty breaks. I installed a doggie door and created a litter area for him in my garage. There are also doggie doors for sliding glass doors if you prefer your dog go on the patio. I just learned about the Puppy Apartment option which are crates that you can train your dog to use as their bathroom. You can also find artificial grass online or in pet stores if you (or your dog) prefers those instead of training pads.

Socializing your dog

If you are looking for a place to socialize your dog you can see if there is a local doggie daycare. They often have daily, monthly or special package options. My parents home has served as doggie daycare for Cooper when I have a long day. He enjoys running around in their big backyard.

Another good place to socialize your dog is at a dog park. You’ll have to investigate the park that best serves your dog. Since Cooper is small I wanted to find one that only allows small dogs. There are parks that integrate dogs regardless of size and there are parks that separate dogs out by size. I have also taken Cooper to dog beaches which he loved.

Your pooch will need their own bed, toys, treats and exercise time. Having a city dog is work, but well worth the effort. Provide lots of love and it will be returned tenfold.


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