• Rescue Stories
  • Atlas the Flemish Giant

    Look who found his forever home! This darling giant bunny needed to be rehomed after his previous owner could no longer take care of him. Hundreds of applications poured into the Scottish SPCA from all over the world, including the United States, Canada and France. Animal lover Jen Hislop from Ayrshire, Scotland is the lucky FurMom who was […]

  • Rescue Stories
  • Who Rescued Who?


    Growing up our family dog was a Cocker Spaniel/Queensland Heeler mix named Brandy. She had reddish-brown hair, a white nose, and freckles. Our names were often mixed up because my Dad would yell out for Brandy but say Tracy instead or vice/versa. She was incredibly spirited and like most dogs knew the leader of the pack. […]