Walking your dog in the rain

Walking your dog in the rain

Walking your dog in the rain definitely requires more preparation but it is possible as long as your pooch is agreeable.  It’s probably a competition to see who wants to walk in the rain the least when it starts pouring down. Cooper is a weather snob so I never know if he’ll want to walk. However, if it’s raining too hard, I prefer to stay indoors. I guess being a weather snob runs in the family. If you do choose to walk your dog in the rain a post-walk routine should be in place so you don’t bring dirt home with you.

Rainy weather points to consider

Dog rain gear does exist. If you think your pooch can handle a raincoat and booties, they will help keep your furbaby dry and avoid fungi from muddy water.

Walking your dog in the rain

Your dog can even “hold” his own umbrella that attaches to a leash.

walking your dog in the rain

It may be difficult in your area but if possible avoid main roads so you avoid being splashed by traffic. All of the rain gear in the world won’t matter if a car speeds through a large puddle as you and your dog are walking by.

You may need to bathe your dog after the walk. If you guys fared well then you’ll at least need to dry your dog thoroughly.  Pay special attention to their paws. You’ll need to dry them to get rid of bacteria, fungi, and possibly toxic substances. Otherwise, whatever they come into contact with will be ingested if they lick their paws. There are dog wipes available or you can keep a spray bottle of water along with towels in your entryway to help with cleanup when you get home.

If you or your dog don’t want to walk, indoor activities are always an option. You can play fetch, tug of war or freeze a Kong toy so they can dig for the treat. Utilize stairs if you have them. Some cities even have indoor dog parks or dog yoga classes.

Whatever you decide to do with your dog on a rainy day it will be quality time. And perhaps your day will end snuggled up warm with your furbaby.




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