How to Avoid Hot Paws When Walking Your Dog

Although it is not technically summer, the weather is already scorching in Northern California which is a huge issue if you are trying to prevent hot paws. Yesterday I made the mistake of walking my dog Cooper too late in the day. Shortly after we started I was already feeling the heat and I could sense that he was as well. It was a huge wake-up call and made me realize it was too hot to walk my dog. It motivated me to plan for early morning or late evening walks to avoid hot paws.

We went to a local trail with very little shade and although the asphalt didn’t seem to hot when we started, it got too hot to continue. Luckily Cooper is very portable so I carried him back to the car. He drank lots of water and we both took it easy for the rest of the day in air conditioning.

I live in a community with a walking trail and lots of trees that provide shade. The conditions are much better for summer walks, but I still need to be cautious of the overall temperature. If I wouldn’t want to walk barefoot, Cooper definitely would not.

Tips to Prevent Hot Paws

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