Animals have a way of finding you

Animals have a way of finding you

I’ve always been drawn to animals and fell in love with just about any furry creature I came across. My first furry soul mate was a Holland Lop rabbit named Nico. It was love at first sight when I wasn’t even looking to adopt. Thankfully I am knowledgeable about bunnies, but the moment I saw him I was struck by a lightning bolt. I immediately looked for someone in charge and blurted out, “how do I adopt him” and became territorial. Animals have a way of finding you.

Nico and I enjoyed many wonderful years together and when he crossed the rainbow bridge it made a huge impact on me. His absence left a big hole in my heart and it struck me that over the years I’ve rarely looked for an animal, they’ve always found me. It’s as if they said, “she’s the one” and I gladly reciprocated. Animals find you, hold on to your heart and don’t let go.

Another Furry Soulmate 

When Cooper showed up I had no idea what I was in for. I thought he was a sweet dog and didn’t take adopting him lightly. He is my first dog as an adult and I ask a lot of questions and consult his vet when I need information. Cooper has taken to his new home and his bunny brother Niblet very well. He follows me around the house quite often; it’s comical to see him stop and make sure I am next to him as I have a tendency to remember “one more thing” I need to do before going upstairs or downstairs.

No person or animal has ever attached themselves to my hip the way he has. While it is just a dog’s way of showing they care and want to be near you, I initially found his love and devotion overwhelming. It is incredibly humbling. When I had the flu shortly after he came into my life he never left my side. I heard his stomach rumbling because he didn’t get up to eat his breakfast. Although my head was spinning, I got up and sat with him so he would eat. It was very moving, but I really didn’t understand why he wouldn’t leave my side. Cooper is absolutely precious and over time we have formed a strong bond.

Animals Open Your Heart

Our perception of what I did is obviously very different. I rescued him off the street and take care of him, but it’s a small price to pay for his health and safety. What he’s given me in return is tenfold. He opened my heart when I didn’t even realize it was closed. I always thought I was happy, but I smile so much bigger now. Coming home to see him jumping for joy (literally) and waking up to him licking my face is priceless and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am thankful every day he chose me. 


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